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Hi Event Planner, Melanie here.

In 2006, after being in business for nearly 2 yrs, I was hired to plan an event for a client I didn't know.

At first glance, this client was perfect.

He owned a big company, was the President of the organization that hired me for the 'Amazing Race' style event and there appeared to be many possible opportunities to work together in the future.
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We had a few meetings with his team and we agreed to move to the next step...planning the event.

But that's when things started going wrong...

You see, up until that point I hadn't used a contract for my clients.

So I panicked because I knew I needed an event contract this time, but I didn't want to spend more than $1000 on a lawyer.
I had the answer...
I sat down at my computer and searched for online contracts that I could copy and paste, put into one document and have the client sign.

Unfortunately, that copy and paste 'solution' didn't work at all because when the client expected me to cut my fees to make up for the costs associated with the event, I quickly realized that I was unable to satisfy his champagne tastes and beer budget, and we both knew our working relationship was over.

That's when I lost more than $5,000 in unpaid bills.

These were mistakes I never made again...


You don't have your event contracts in place because you don't know where to start?

You copied and pasted free contract samples off the Internet and now you wonder if they'll really protect you?

You've had a bad experience and you want to avoid that experience again?

You're concerned a client or vendor won't honor their word and you want to ensure everyone and everything is above board?
We've Got Your Covered!
This complete set of event contract templates have been created specifically for event planners (by a contract lawyer), so you get your legal ducks in a row and protect yourself, your event business and your clients and vendors, too!
 Client Service Agreement
 Vendor/Independent Contractor Agreement
 Vendor/Independent Contractor NDA
The Event Contract Toolkit Guide
Created By a Lawyer
"I'm more professional with my clients..."
"Thank you so much for all the materials..."
"It's definitely given me the tools to make me feel confident about taking my next step."
"I am further in my business than I would have been without the program."
#1: Client Service Agreement
This Essential (with a capital "E") document is all about your client relationships. Having this easy-to-use contract outlines what to expect when working with you and what your client's responsibilities are too.
(Fillable PDF and Word DOC)
#2: Vendor Agreement

Independent contractor agreements provide legal protection, establish roles and responsibilities, and outline services to be performed.

This customizable contract includes: The same goodies as the Client Service Agreement PLUS a section for Owner of Intellectual Property.
(Fillable PDF and Word DOC)
#3: The Contract Guide
Let's be honest, legalese is intimidating and often confusing, so we've included a 'plain English' guide that outlines each term of the Agreement so you can simply and easily explain the event terms and conditions to your clients.
#4: Non-Disclosure Agreement
event contract
Asking your vendors to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protects any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets in your event business. An NDA protects your non-public business information.
(Fillable PDF and Word DOC)
Protecting the photos and images you take during the events you plan is important to your event marketing. Getting this photo consent form signed by your clients, grants you permission to use the event photos.
(Fillable PDF and Word DOC)
"A must for anyone planning an event - of any size."
"It helped me streamline, simplify and organize my planning process."
" I feel empowered to make my event business a success."
"I have been able to take my business to the next level."
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access The Event Contract Toolkit?
After you've purchased this product, we'll email you the entire package. Once you receive them, click the file to save the documents to your computer.  

Who Is The Event Contract Toolkit For?
Every event planner who is charging for their event services! Whether you're an independent event planner, starting or growing an event business, planning weddings, fundraisers or meetings, these essential documents are for you.

I'm Not Sure I'm Ready To Invest
We understand how investing in yourself can feel challenging, especially if you've invested a decent amount of money already.

But here's the thing.

The Event Contract Toolkit is re-usable and protects you, your business and your income. Normally, these templates would cost $700+ if you had them drafter by a lawyer, but The Event Contract Toolkit is an affordable way to get the Agreements you need without paying a lawyer directly.
The question is - can you afford NOT to have them?

Are These Contracts Specific To a State or Country?
The contacts are drafted under general legal principles in the United States. Like any industry and any contract, one-size does not fit all. You may choose to have a local lawyer review your contract templates, which saves you time and money because they won't be drafting them from scratch.

How Is The Event Contract Toolkit Different?
First and foremost, The Event Contract Toolkit saves you time and money (not to mention uncertainty) and only takes less than an hour to customize. Sure, you can Google 'contractor contracts' and find many results, but who has time to guess what to include and who has the money to make contractual mistakes?

You need templates that are specific to the event industry and that protect you, your event business, your clients, and vendors. Period.

The Event Contract Toolkit was designed by a lawyer for event and wedding planners that meet your specific needs.
All of the information provided here, across our platform and products and trainings (collectively, "Content") are for your educational and informational purposes only; it is not intended as and does not constitute legal advice. You should not act, or refrain from acting, on the basis of this Content without first consulting legal counsel in your jurisdiction.
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